Put Low Vision's Best Foot Forward with Professional Low Vision Lifestyle Photos

It’s the visuals that truly captivate and educate your audience about low vision. Show them what low vision actually looks like and let them picture themselves living an independent and happy life with actual low vision glasses. Professionally-shot low vision lifestyle photos can be the silent ambassadors of your low-vision business, boosting your marketing campaigns and generating trust from the public and your peers.

In today’s digital world, delivering exceptional experiences to people goes beyond words alone. That’s why we’ve collaborated with a professional photographer to bring you 33 professional low-vision stock photos. These photos are specifically designed to promote your low-vision business and people have a more realistic expectation of their life with low vision aids – an independent life after vision loss.

By licensing these photos, you can personalize them with your branding, ensuring a cohesive and impactful visual identity across your marketing channels. These eye-catching photos showcase various activities, such as seeing people, driving, watching TV, playing cards, pursuing hobbies, and reading prescriptions, newspapers, and crosswords. They also feature a range of devices, including 7x full diameter telescopes, 7x reading telescopes, 2 full diameter telescopes, and 3x wide-angle bioptic telescopes.

Each photo is available in both color and black and white, and in four convenient sizes to suit your specific needs. Choose from SM (627 x 418 ~529.9 KB) for thumbnails, M (1173 x 1182 ~1.5 MB) for electronic messages, LG (2508 x 1672 ~2.1 MB) for print and websites, and XL (Originals; between 4.6 – 11 MB) for use in print advertising, your brochure, social media, and your website.

Full Diameter Telescope Glasses Pamphlet

Invest in the power of professional low vision lifestyle photos to showcase the transformative impact of low vision aids and create a more relatable and trustworthy image for your business. Don’t risk legal penalties by unknowingly using unlicensed or unauthorized photos. Take your marketing efforts to the next level and give your low-vision business the visual edge it deserves.

Contact us today to get your lifetime license and start incorporating these exceptional low-vision stock photos into your marketing materials. Together, let’s put low vision’s best foot forward and help provide a better service while enhancing the quality of life for those with low vision.